Thursday, August 16, 2012

Censorship is a Good Thing!

I am afraid that many times parents forget that children are not little adults.  Children are born in to this world unstained, unblemished, untainted, pure, naive, and full of awe and wonder.  Children are the anecdote to our often dark and disturbing modern world.  Gaze at the sweet face of a baby or small child delighting in a game of peek a boo, or sleeping peacefully in a parent's arms and one cannot help being moved at the sight.

So where am I going with this mini-sermon on the beauty of children?  Well, dim the lights and roll the camera. It's movie time.  Last weekend, my husband and I went to see "Bourne Legacy".  It is a movie that is rated "PG-13".  Although to me, it felt like an "R" rating was warranted because of the violence.  We went to a 9:00pm showing.  And, as you probably already suspect, there were more than a few kids in the audience.  In light of the recent shootings in our country, and as the mother of  a teenage son.  I have to wonder, WHAT ARE THESE PARENTS THINKING?????????  Don't people understand that movies like this are made for adults?  The movie is filled with suspense and action and a lot of violent acts.  One scene depicts a man systematically shooting all of his coworkers.  A scene like this is completely lacking in empathy or social responsibility.  As adults, we can process that this is all fantasy.  We already have our moral compass and self identity in place.

Children's brains are not fully matured until their mid 20's.  We have learned a lot about brain development in the last few years.  If a child's brain is still forming, does it strike you as a wise decision to expose them to content that is dark, violent and disturbing?  What movies did James Holmes see as a child?  I am not saying that violent movies create violent people because I know violence has existed in movies for a long time.  But I am advocating that we, as parents, try to protect our children from such dark and disturbing themes until they are old enough to handle them.  I don't think the 6 or 7 year olds belong at the "Bourne" movie, or playing extremely violent video games, or having unlimited access to the internet.

Childhood is fleeting.  It only lasts a very short amount of time relative to an average lifespan.  You are doing your child a disservice to cut this special time in life short by allowing exposure to adult themed entertainment.  STAY STRONG, parents! Set media limits that are in the best interest of your children and their development.

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