Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five Birthday Party Secrets

A retro birthday party celebration with me in the pig tails!

I have organized a lot of birthday parties.  My four children, who are now teenagers and beyond, hopefully have wonderful memories of their special days.  In this post I want to share my birthday party philosophy some of which you may find quite shocking and controversial.  Think of me as a birthday party guidance counselor.  Here are my recommendations:

Birthday Party Secrets

  1. Birthday Parties with friends are held every other year.  This makes them more special and allows the child to appreciate the even in a greater way.
  2. Friend Party Guest Lists should include roughly the number of guests that match the age of the child.  More isn't better when it comes to children's parties.  If the guest list gets out of hand, the child usually spends the party overwhelmed and paralyzed by who to be with and where to focus.
  3. In the interim years, a birthday celebration should be about celebrating with family members and extended family members.
  4. A child should have a voice in the planning of any of their parties.  
  5. Home parties trump destination parties.  I have thrown many of both, and the fun and satisfaction your child gets from being involved in decorating and planning the party activities usually trumps spending a few hours with a mouse in a suit eating mediocre pizza.
Next week I will share the actual party themes that were a huge hit with my kids.  Until then, please feel free to share your Birthday Party Secrets with me and my readers.  We can all help each other tackle these important celebrations and make them fun and meaningful for our children.


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