Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Explore With Your Kids!

Life can be so hectic when you have kids.  The calendar fills up at breakneck speed with organized activities and then when we have a break, we always have chores and errands and things we "should" do; we should wash the windows, we should plant a garden, we should clean our closets!  My plea to you is put the should's aside when your kids are young and explore your neighborhood with them.

Outings can be simple and inexpensive.  The difficulty is in finding the time.  So put some adventures on your calendar and start planning.  Ride the train if you normally drive.  Take a bus somewhere.  Go to a park or forest preserve and hike.  Visit an art museum, a science center, a planetarium or aquarium.  Take the time to explore your town or county or nearest city.  Learn about the history of a certain place.  Is there a historical landmark around?  Find it and learn something new.  Try an out of the way ice cream shop or hot dog stand.  Go to an outdoor concert.  Enjoy exploring together.  You will strengthen your family bonds, and be developing your child's knowledge about the world.

I know you have heard it before.  Children grow up so fast.  That's why now is the time to enjoy exploring with them.  Encourage their curiosity.  Broaden their horizons.  Take the time now, because before you know it...the calendar will not be as full, they will be on to their own adventures and their curious spirit and community awareness will be a credit to you.

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