Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Madness!

This is a crazy time of year.  My mom once told me that May feels busier than the holidays when you have kids.  Nothing could be more true.  There are sports practices, concerts, graduation practices, end of school year parties and celebrations.  There are confirmations and first communions and teacher appreciation events and then you throw in Mother's Day.  As your kids grow older, there are dances and prom, scholastic award assemblies, band and choral concerts, the list is never ending.  OVERWHELMING!

So how does a parent cope without losing their mind in May?  Find some practical tips below:

1.  The Family Calendar:  A central calendar for a busy family is key.  Everyone should be designated a different color and as your kids get older, they should enter their own commitments on the family calendar.  This way you can stay organized and see at a quick glance what each day holds.

 2.  Say Maybe or No:  When you are approached to run the little league picnic or teacher appreciation pot luck, buy your self some time to think about it.  Don't automatically say no, because you may be robbing yourself and your family from a wonderful community experience.  But if it is something that you truly feel no calling toward.  Simply say "No."

3.  Divide and Conquer:  In a two parent household, the duties should be shared.  So map out your strategy as a couple and include some "me" time on the agreed upon calendar as well.  Two parents make the schedule easier to cope with, and if you a single parent, think of others who may be willing and able to step in and help you.

4.  Don't Skip "Me" Time:  A parent who takes no time to nurture themselves is no good to anyone.  When your batteries are depleted you tend to have a shorter fuse and are not being a good role model to your children.  Make sure that you have a few minutes each day, and a longer period each week to spend some time doing things that you enjoy.  Your needs are important, too.

You will survive May.  But by following the steps above, you may enjoy May!

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