Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Notes from a Mom at Graduation

It's that time of year again.  Families are gathering to witness and celebrate middle high school and college graduations.  These occasions cause me to reflect on the past and the tired old cliche of just how quickly the years fly by.  I heard a young mom recently say "the days seem long, but the years go quickly".  She has no idea how right she is!

My only son is about to graduate from high school.  And as I reflect on his high school years and what lies ahead, I have discovered that I am a complete sexist.  Why?  Because the following questions continue to assault my brain.  And I don't remember dealing with any of this when his two older sisters were graduating.

Why am I feeling panicky at the thought that he doesn't know how to change the oil in a car?  I did make my husband teach him how to change a tire.  So I can check that off my list.  But can he mow a lawn?  Cook a nutritious meal? Drive a stick shift?  Why are these thoughts racing through my mind?

Will he know enough not to wear pajama pants out in public?  Will he lock his bike on campus?  I know he knows how to do laundry, but will he do it?  Will he change his sheets?  Clip his toenails?  And the questions continue to bubble up, like the water in a drinking fountain that never stops running.

Who will look after him?  Who will check up on him?  Who will care about him?  Maybe a girlfriend, but that comes with another whole host of worries.  The bottom line is that I need to let go.  I have done my job.  He has learned what he needs for now.  And the rest will come.  And I will begin to focus on what he has already learned.  He is a confident and wonderful young man facing a bright future.  And he knows that his father and I are very proud of him.  And we have learned how lucky we are to have him as our son!


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