Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Shout Out for DAD!

Dads hold a special place in each child's heart.  Dad is someone you can always count on, solid as a rock, slow to anger, quick to forgive, and first to hug when you walk in a room.  Dad corrects you when you step out of line, but also guides and directs you when you are in need of counsel.  Dad teaches you to hit the ball, run the bases, take one for the team, and enjoy the game.  Dad loves to laugh, and you are the one who knows what really can get him going.  Is it talking babies? Dancing hamsters?  Grizzly Bears throwing punches?

Dad's wallet is always open before yours.  He gets joy out of treating you.  He wants to see you happy.  But more than money, Dad loves spending time with you.  Sit and watch the hockey game, walk to your local bakery for breakfast with him, share a bike ride.  He's been riding with you since the baby seat days.  And then you graduated to the cart, and then the tag-along, and now you can beat him up a hill.  This doesn't bring a tear to his eye (well maybe it does) but he also is bursting with pride at the person you are becoming.

Dads are undervalued in our day in age.  They are portrayed as bumbling fools on TV; out of touch with reality, hopelessly lame and boring.  But in reality, most of the dads I know are hard working, proud of their kids, and enjoy staying just under the radar.  They are not attention seeking, but rather the calm, steady force in the background contributing to their family's well being.  So seize the opportunity to reach out to your dad this weekend, and make sure he knows what he means to you.  And if you are a mom with young children, help them to celebrate their dad and teach them to appreciate the treasure in their lives that they know as Dad!

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