Monday, June 17, 2013

SPLASH Parenting Blogiversary!

June 18th marked the first anniversary of my Splashparenting Blog.  This blog was created as an off shoot of my parenting classes and handbook.  So after 20,000 views from 10 countries, I am asking for some feedback from readers as I contemplate whether or not I am going to continue blogging.  SPLASH Parenting Principles is a parenting handbook I wrote to help parents learn skills that will transform their family life from chaos to calm.  It is available on Amazon.

SPLASH stands for the characteristics that any successful parent needs to utilize:







And so I invite you to look over my past posts.  Help me celebrate this occasion by sharing a comment or two.

Happy Parenting!  Sincerely, Dawn Lantero


  1. Sue Shelton6/21/2013

    Dawn, I've always enjoyed reading what you write. They may not always apply to my children and myself directly; however, they're deliberate and interesting pieces. Perhaps if you request comments (maybe you do already and I've just missed it) on blogs as they're sent I could be more specific but I do like to get read your articles when I can. Keep on blogging! Sue

  2. Sue: Thanks so much for your kind words. I will try to encourage more interaction on the posts themselves. Past posts are always accessible by using the archive on the left of this page. Hope you will share the ones you enjoy with other interested parents.

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