Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Launching from the Nest

My only son is just about ready to launch.  The countdown has begun, t-minus 15 hours and counting.  My living room is filled with boxes and bags reminding me of Christmases past, and don't get me started...everything reminds me of the past.  His hockey duffel lies on the floor and I flash back to years spent cheering him on in cold, dank hockey rinks, or freezing in the bleachers during his football seasons.  I wash his laundry to help him get ready (yes, he knows how to do his own laundry) and think of the school uniforms, and baseball uniforms, and practice jerseys and the memories of all the uniforms that have covered him and protected him and molded him into the young man he has become.

He is a helpful and kind soul.  Always ready to lend a hand and eager to please...except when his little sister asks him to walk the dogs.  He is loving and thinks nothing of giving me huge, warm bear hugs.  I will miss those.  But I am so proud of the person he is, and am eager to share him with the world.  I am eager for him to taste independence that comes with being a college freshman.  I am excited for him to meet new friends, and find new experiences that light him up.  Yes, I know I will miss his deep, booming voice calling out from the garage door, and the texts that always let me know where he his and what his plans are.  Hopefully, at least some of the texts will continue. 

Our family is shrinking again.  I've been down this road before.  Now we are three and the spotlight will shine a little more intensely on our youngest daughter.  She made a joke that now at dinner we will have to listen to her.  I only hope she is ready for this...but she has no choice.  And neither do I.  So, good luck my son, not "good bye" but "see you later" and I hope you know how much I love you!

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