Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brain Growth through Experiences!

"This is How We Grow!" 
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As a preschool teacher, my students teach me lessons everyday!  Their little minds come alive when offered the chance to experience something new.  Yesterday, we played a simple board game in class and they were fascinated with spinning the spinner, taking orderly turns, and talking with one another about the rules and the winner.

Our art table offered them a chance to "bedazzle" the letters of their names with shiny jewels and glue.  As they sat and concentrated on the work at hand, they were making comparisons to the other letters in their classmates names,  "Look Christopher ends with an er, just like my name, Oliver!".

Real life experiences never fail to illicit a reaction of excitement and positive energy in these precious little children.  My concern is that we-adults, are robbing them of these experiences.  We are allowing their little brains to be pacified with electronic devises rather than stimulated with real experiences of creativity and problem solving.  We are handing out I-pads during restaurant visits rather than crayons and paper and plugging them in for cartoons in the minivan for the short drive to school.

So what is a modern day, stressed out, worn out, craving some quiet time, parent to do?  Remember to give your child your best on a daily basis.  Give them your attention while driving in the car.  Talk to them about what they can see out the window or where you are headed.  Put the I-Pads away when you walk into a restaurant and spend the time talking with them about manners or nutrition or books or their brothers and sisters.  And DO THINGS WITH THEM!  Pull out markers and paints and draw pictures.  Call them into the kitchen and make a fruit salad.  Cuddle up on the couch and read a story.  You will never regret doing this.  I promise!  But you may regret NOT doing this, as they will quickly grow up (as mine have) and you will have robbed them and yourself of experiencing life together.

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