Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Embrace the Simplicity of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!  Thanksgiving embraces all my favorite things, family, food, togetherness and appreciation.  It is a "chill" holiday.  Cook a warm and nourishing meal, sit down at a lovely table.  Share stories, laughs, memories, and a meal.  Don't let the media push unrealistic expectations on this holiday.  Don't stress about having everything perfect.  Don't try to imitate Martha Stewart or Ina Garten.  Just put some thoughtful intention into sharing a meal with the people in your life.  Plan a fun craft or game to interest the littlest guests.  Make an effort to set a pretty table.  Allow others to help.  Savor the simplicity of this humblest of holidays.  Save your shopping for later.  Embrace this one day to remain in the company of your family and be thankful to have them.  And if you are in the position to share, make a donation to your local food pantry, so other families can enjoy Thanksgiving, too.

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