Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Savor the Season with your Child

The holiday season has it's stresses for parents...hectic schedules and demands to buy the gifts and bake the cookies and attend the programs at school and send the cards and the list goes on and on.  But if you are completely stressed out and dragging yourself through this amazing season, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!

Take a breath and look at your schedule.  Cut out what is not imperative and refocus yourself on enjoying the specialness of this beautiful time of year.  Here are some simple ideas of ways to enjoy the holiday with your family, which is really all that matters anyway:

1.  Go for a walk or drive and look at holiday lights that are sparkling around so many neighborhoods at this time of year.

2.  Clip a recipe and bake cookies together.  Even if you just buy the cookies in a tube, and frosting in a tub...make an evening out of decorating them together.

3.  Help your child to create a gift for his/her grandparents.  Something simple and handmade like a painted birdhouse, a stitched welcome mat, woven potholder or decorated ornament.  The point is to spend time planning and executing a handmade special something.

4.  Build a fort out of a table and blankets.  Bring in a flashlight and read some holiday themed stories.

5.  Pop popcorn and watch an old holiday movie together.

Share the joy of the season with your child, by not allowing the hectic pace to suck all the joy out of you.  Time that you spend enjoying your children is time you will NEVER regret--don't let it pass you by.  Realize that your children grow up fast and so don't wait!  Spend some time and effort creating lasting memories of enjoyable family time spent together!

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