Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A parenting move that left me speechless...

I must admit, this parenting move left me speechless!  I have often written about trying to protect your child from growing up too fast by protecting them from inappropriate movies, unfettered internet access or burdening them with adult problems.  Childhood deserves to be protected.   But the conversation I had with my teenage daughter this week tops the all time list of CRAZY Parenting!

She told me that a sophomore boy in one of her classes (keep in mind that sophomore boys are 15-16 years old) recently took a trip to Las Vegas with his dad and another high school boy.  While they were in Vegas, the dad took the two boys to a Strip Club to see a show.  The two boys came back to high school and were talking about it in her class.  I simply cannot fathom this.

This is where the speechless part comes in...

Can someone else weigh in on this one for me? 


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