Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Parenting As A Working Mom

Today, My blog is featuring a message from Marci Fair, a busy mom of four who authored the newly released book: TILT (available on Amazon).  We can all learn from Marci's positive messages about balance!  Marci and I are both contributors to the successful +30secondmom app that can be uploaded to your phone.  Please join me in congratulating Marci on her book!  ~Dawn Lantero

Parenting well is a challenge, for moms working in and out of the home. As a working mom of four, the juggle and guilt were overwhelming at times. So I started writing down ideas and thoughts that helped me through it, including our own children's funny quotes. Their quotes were silly, but often also very insightful. I learned the hard way that "Balance in impossible; memories are better."

So I taught myself how to TILT instead. While I have several ideas around how to TILT, the most important one for me to share is that while we help our children reach for their own dreams and goals, we need to continue to pursue our own. In fact when we do, we set an incredible leadership example for our children.

TILTing is about making choices that matter, about being present in today, about loving our family and ourselves, and so much more. It is also about forgiving ourselves of our imperfections. When our youngest told me "Mom, when I grow up I will only have pens in my purse. When you are a mom, you never make mistakes," I knew I had to sit down and explain things to her right away!

I teach moms to let go of what is not important, that balance is impossible and I teach them how to TILT instead to find their own happiness and joy in their motherhood.

Marci Fair


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