Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Invite A Guest To Dinner!

 I have a retro family challenge for you this week.  It is a simple request.  Invite a guest for dinner.  Why am I writing about this in my parenting blog?  Here's why!  Inviting a guest to dinner is an excellent way to help develop your child's social and emotional learning.  Children learn a great deal about socializing when they observe their parents in social settings.  Turn your home into a social setting by inviting someone to dinner.

Having someone to dinner should be a team effort.  Your child should help you straighten up the house, and could even have a vote in what dinner should be cooked and served.  Your child could help buy the groceries and help prepare some of the meal.  This opportunity allows allows you to teach your child about manners and polite conversation.  And then he/she gets the opportunity to practice what you have taught when the guest arrives.

We recently attended a party where the hosts had their handsome and accomplished teenage son answering the door and taking everyone's coats.  It was such a treat to see him and it warmed my heart that our friends had included him in their plans (even though he might have wished to be hanging out with his friends.)  This was the type of social opportunity that too few of us embrace for our children.

Keep the dinner simple, as it is truly not what is important.  The important thing is sharing hospitality and kindness with a guest for dinner.  It is a wonderful family activity and benefits everyone involved.  So start thinking of who might enjoy an evening meal at your house, and pick up that phone!

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