Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Protect Childhood!

I am constantly puzzled by parents who think of their children as mini-adults.  I see this idea reinforced when I see children receiving beauty services at salons, queuing up at Starbucks, dressed in adult themed Halloween costumes in preschool (like Lady Gaga), being worked out by personal trainers, and attending concerts to see performers that are not targeted to children.

Why can't we stop this madness and let children enjoy being children?  Why can't we protect their childhood and revel in activities that they would enjoy more than "spa time" with mommy?  "Spa time" is not about spending quality time with your child,  it is about justifying what you want under the guise of time with your child.

Children like sledding and swimming and skating and playing on playgrounds.  Children like when you read books to them, play board games or card games with them.  Children like when you sit down and draw a picture or build a blanket fort, or play house or school.  Children like when you cook with them, or take them to a museum or for train ride.

Why is modern culture so obsessed with treating little children like mini-adults?  This only causes future problems.  Stealing a childhood away to treat your child as a mini-adult only leads to children who grow up feeling bored and not too keen on what adulthood has to offer.  They have already been there and done that.  Don't make this mistake.  Go to great lengths to protect your children from growing up too fast.  Childhood is precious.  Childhood is fleeting.  And it is your job, as a parent to guard it for your child.

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