Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Childhood is Precious!

Yesterday at the preschool lunch table, my little ones were discussing Duck Dynasty and the "F" Word.  Now parents, I am sharing this without judging as I stand in the knowledge that my four children had moments in their schooling where I am SURE that their teachers heard questionable things coming from their little mouths.

I clearly remember sharing with a "friend" the fact that her son had been discussing that very word with my daughter in their first grade class, and the woman never spoke to me again! I was not sharing the message with her for any other reason than to let her know and possibly have a conversation with her son.  Just like I had to do with my daughter.  But her defensiveness ran deep, as it does with many of us when issues concern out kids.  But here is my non-judgmental plea.

Please don't use bad language around your kids, or allow your older children to.  Please don't leave it for the teachers to teach what language is appropriate.  And please don't allow your young children unfettered access to any and every TV program that is found on cable.  Just because you find something entertaining doesn't mean it should be shown in front of your little ones.

Preserve and protect your children.  There will be plenty of time for them in the future to watch what ever they like or speak however they choose.  But for now, during this brief time when they are little and innocent and naive, strive to protect them from adult messages, themes and language.  Childhood is fleeting.  Childhood is temporary.  Don't push your little ones into the adult world before they are ready.  Allow them to revel in childhood, with it's simple joys of playtime and discovery.  They will be grown in the blink of an eye.  So today, resolve to honor who they are at this most precious time and protect their childhood.

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