Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Love your kids!

As my loyal readers know, my kids are all but grown.  Only my lonely 17 year old remains in the nest.  Which is quite a change from a few short years ago.  I am so grateful for my big (by today's standards) family.  My husband and I are blessed with four amazing children who I am convinced will make their mark on the world in a positive way.  I love that they have each other as well as their dad and I to support and love them.  Don't grow complacent about loving the people in your life. 

This week, I was once again reminded of how quickly things can change, as the father of one of my child's friends passed away suddenly of a heart attack.

So this parenting post is simple.
Love your kids.
Be the voice in their head that echos encouragement and praise.
Lift them up when life is hard or unfair.
Teach them to love you and their other extended family members by making family a priority in their lives.
Be your best self for them-so they can face the world with love on their side.

Love your kids.
Today and everyday.

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