Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Picture Parenting will help your child develop"super" powers!

All children are born into the world with unlimited capacities or "superpowers".  It is a parent's job to recognize this and then follow the philosophy of Big Picture Parenting in order to help each child develop his or her talents and self esteem, which in turn allows him/her to create and achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life.  This is no small feat.  This is Big Picture Parenting.  Often times parents get so caught up in the mundane tasks of parenting that they forget the Big Picture.  The mundane hijacks the sublime.  I am urging all parents to consciously fight against this tendency and embrace Big Picture Parenting for the benefit of your children and their future.

How does a parent embrace the Big Picture Parenting Philosophy?  First and foremost, the parent must at all times strive for objectivity when it comes to evaluating your child and his/her development.  This is easy to say but difficult to do.  Take some time to look at where your child is succeeding and where he/she is experiencing difficulties.  Be mindful to view difficulties as opportunities for growth and success rather than viewing obstacles and insurmountable cause for depression or immediate parental intervention.  Help your child formulate a plan for dealing with issues and put the steps into action.  This is being a supportive, involved parent that embraces the Big Picture.  The tendency for most parents is to rush in and solve the issues for the child.  Being this type of reactionary parent is counterproductive.  When parents react and rush in, they are communicating to the child that he/she is not able or capable to deal with issues.

Self esteem cannot be served to your child on a platter of compliments.  Children who develop healthy self concepts are the ones who have learned that they can deal with the obstacles that life throws their way.  Children are resourceful and resilient.  Parents tend to forget this.

Two practical ways for parents to foster self esteem in their children are to expose them to a variety of environments and experiences, helping them to discover their interests; and allowing them to feel their actions can make an impact on the world.  Take your children to concerts, expose them to art and history, sports, and travel.  These experiences help a child to recognize the vast opportunities that exist for them in the world.  Also, encourage service and volunteer activities at every turn.  Children love to feel useful and that they are capable of making a difference somewhere.

The Big Picture Parenting Philosophy is based on allowing your child to become all that he/she can be by experiencing a wide variety successes based on simple problem solving and developing self esteem.   These are key ingredients in helping your child to embrace his/her superpowers through a strong and stable self identity and confidence to follow his/her passions and dreams. 

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