Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blogiversary...It has been two years!

Today marks the official anniversary of my parenting blog.  I have been writing this blog for two years.  Coincidentally, I reached my 50,000 view this very week.  As far as blogging goes, I have to admit, I don't know much.  But if you read my blog, you understand that my passion lies with helping parents to create loving and supportive families, and raise children who are prepared to thrive in the modern day world.

My own children, who are my greatest experiment and achievement (along with my husband, who is part of the equation) are my inspiration.  They continue to surprise and delight me with their love of adventure, care and compassion for others, and diligent work ethic.  I also teach preschool, and am inspired by the creativity, enthusiasm and kindness of my little students.

The goal of my blog is to continue to inspire parents.  Thank you to all my readers for your heartfelt comments and support.  It is truly the motivation for me to continue.

Happy Parenting! 


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