Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bravo's New Show about Extreme Parenting

As a parenting author, blogger, preschool teacher, and mom of four, I believe that moderation is the key to all things parenting related.  Parents need to be able to discipline their children, and love them.  But too much discipline creates an abuser, and too much love results in a helicopter, over-involved parent.  Parents need to be able to set limits on things like screen time and sweets, and also indulge their kids with attention and support.  A parent is responsible for the health and safety of their child but being too anxious about everything causes stress to the child, yet having no worries about the safety of your child is reckless and neglectful.  In my book, too much of anything is never a good idea.

I am interested to see what the new parenting show, Extreme Parenting on Bravo can teach us about becoming effective parents.  I hope that the show does not merely feature parents who are more interested in achieving a few minutes of fame, at the expense of exploiting their children, but offers an intelligent look at differing parenting styles and creates an opportunity for all parents to reflect on the job we are doing and its impact on our children.

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