Tuesday, September 30, 2014

6 Ways to Enjoy a Family Centered Fall!

Fall is the perfect season to put your family at the top of your priority list.  There are so many simple, yet wonderful activities that you can do as a family that can strengthen your bonds with one another.  Reserve some of that precious weekend time to venture out and experience some seasonal activities together.  I have compiled a list of a few of my favorites that I hope inspire you to spend quality time enjoying your precious family.

  • Pick some Apples:  Find an orchard and head out for an afternoon of fresh air and apple picking.  Kids of all ages can and will enjoy this, and once you bring home your wonderful red or green treasures, the fun continues because you can all work together to peel and cut the apples and bake a deliciously simple apple crisp.  Yum!
  • Take a Hike:  Throw on your hiking shoes and visit a state park for a healthy hike.  Don't forget to pack a backpack with water and some healthy snacks.  It has been proven that time spent in nature reduces stress--and just about everyone I know can benefit from that.  In addition, the physical fatigue will mean that you are bringing home tired and calm children, and isn't that a great reward.
  • Visit a Farm:  There are farms that hold pumpkin festivals at this time of year, and that is always a fun outing.  Go and pick out the perfect pumpkin, so that you will be ready to carve your jack-o-lantern later this month.  Or jump on the hay wagon for a hay ride, and visit the petting zoo and pony rides.
  • Football:  Take your children to see a high school or college football game.  From learning the sport, to watching the halftime show and visiting the concession stand, this is a fun outing to enjoy all together.
  • Take a Ride:  Whether it is on your bikes or horseback.  Venture out and share a ride somewhere.  Fall weather is cool and invigorating and simply invites you to hop on a bike or a horse and explore a new trail.
  • Build a Fire:  Find a place that you can safely and legally start a campfire.  Then pack up the marshmallows and spend an evening enjoying the stars.  And if you know anyone who plays the guitar, invite them along, too!
 The key to having a happy family is to enjoying each others' company.  And in our face paced world, finding the time to do this becomes harder all the time.  So reserve some time to spend with the ones you love the most.  You will be so glad that you did.  Don't forget to take pictures.  But put your phone away for the day, and spend real quality time talking and laughing with your children.

Happy Fall!

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