Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Families Need to Work Together!

Busy parents are the first to raise their hands for convenience.  I know why--because it is difficult to keep up with crazy schedules and having multiple children in multiple schools with differing calendars,  demands and expectations.  Being able to cut a corner here and there has an immediate appeal.  Ordering groceries from a delivery service like http://www.peapod.com can prove to be a true lifesaver.  Making the choice to hire out for housecleaning or laundry services can offer parents a way to focus on being a better parent rather than stressing about chore lists that overwhelm and defeat them.

But I also worry that we are sending the wrong message to our children if we "hire" out all of our responsibilities.  These days I have seen parents hiring personal trainers to teach their kids to ride a bike.  I see parents opening their wallets to have their houses decorated for the holidays.  I know people who wouldn't dream of shopping and cooking a holiday meal.  Aren't we really paying the ultimate price for all of this convenience?  We are sacrificing time working together as a family to accomplish something, and this is a very important lesson.  If our children never see us accomplish any sort of task, where is there work ethic going to come from?

Please reflect on your lifestyle and see if embracing a simplified version might benefit you and your children.  Let's all slow down a bit, and enjoy time working together to accomplish something.  Decorate your own house, cook your own turkey, play with your own children.  Get to know your family through these simple activities.  Help one another.  Laugh together.  And get back to the basics of working and playing together.  Your children will grow up so fast, don't miss out on the life experiences that bond you together.

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