Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Angry Words

I was in a parking lot today as a mom was walking out of a building with a crying preschool aged child. She didn't see me in my car but I could hear her loud and angry words as she opened the doors to her van."Stop your crying. You are being such a baby. Grow up for God's sake! Buckle your seat. Hurry up!!"  

Clearly she was exasperated, annoyed, displeased with her little girl.  I have been there.  Every parent has been there.  But as I heard her words, I felt the guilt and shame of ever acting like that towards my children.  And I'm guessing that if I was to play a recording of this back to this mom at a later date, she would feel the same way.

Please use this story as a reminder.  Give your children your best self.  Be the adult in any situation. Don't use sarcasm and humiliation to discipline your child.  You are better than that and your child deserves better from you.  Don't fall into a pattern of disrespecting your child and his/her feelings.
A calm and measured response is always a better idea.  And for those times that you fall short, remember to be the adult and apologize.  Your relationship with your children will be built on the foundation of your behavior.  Make it a strong and solid one.

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