Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Self Assess Your Parenting

The beauty of a rainbow reminds us of the power of reflection!  Take a moment to reflect on your parenting.

 Being a good parent requires some thought.  We all fall into patterns or habits that work when our children are a certain age, but good parenting requires change and adaptation.  If we stick to what worked before and never look at if it is working now, we are doing a disservice to both our children and ourselves.  Good parents evolve as your children grow and develop.

Often when I am giving my parenting workshops, I can see that as parents begin to reflect on the job they are doing, they discover some areas that need "tweaking".  They may come to realize that it is time to try a new strategy or idea in order to help their child grow.  So I have put together a simple assessment that can help you decide where your parenting might need a little attention and/or a fresh approach.

1.  What are your goals as a parent?  Do your children know these goals?

2.  Do your children know the rules in your home?  Do you have any rules?

3.  Is yelling your most frequent method to get your children to do what you want?

4.  Do your children have age appropriate chores?

5.  Do you treat your children with respect?  And do they respect you?

6.  Are you proud of your children?

7.  If you have a spouse or someone who co-parents with you, do you both have a common understanding of discipline and expectations?

8.  Do you use effective consequences when your children misbehave?

9.  Have you taught your children morals and values?

10.  Do you often feel love and affection towards your children?

By honestly answering these ten questions, you can begin to see areas that might need some attention.  If you are at a loss as to where to start, read some of my earlier posts on chores or positive discipline.  Those can be found here:

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