Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Ideal Father is...

Imagine a loving father who is encouraging and supportive.  One who actively participates in his children's lives.  A father who takes the time get to know his children.  Spends time with them.  Plays with them.  Listens to them.  Counsels them.  Laughs with them.  Imagine a father who's face lights up at the sight of each of his children, equally.  

Think of a father who doesn't raise a hand to them in anger, but patiently sets limits and teaches his children self control.  Imagine a father who respects the personality, likes and quirks of each of his children.  Imagine a father who models strength and comfort and protection.  Imagine a father who loves the mother of his children and one who is proud of his children.  Imagine a father who's words   carry weight and meaning.  A father who uses his words to build his children up.  A father who teaches his children to trust in his matter what.  

Imagine a father who is the ideal father.  The one who instructs his children about life and love and happiness.  Imagine a father who encourages his children to dream and helps them learn to accomplish those dreams.  A father who has high expectations of his children, and helps his children learn to work hard, set goals and achieve success.  Imagine a father who lives his life in such a manner that his children want to grow up to be just like him.  Imagine a father who is a hero to his children.

Now be that father.

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