Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Letter to our Preschool Students!

Dear Sweet Five-year Olds:

Not too very long ago, when you were mostly 4 and a half, it began. Miss Julie and I put the final touches on our colorful and cosy room; books were in the book corner, your beloved Legos stored neatly in the drawers, yellow pencils with bright orange erasures waited to be held in your little hands, colorful scissors waited to be pinched between your fingers.

"Make the scissors bite like a shark" we would remind you throughout the year.  "Go choose a book from the book corner" or "let's all work together to clean up our room!"  The echoes of our incredible year together keep bouncing through my mind.

Miss  Julie and I were so eager to meet you and begin our journey together. We had so much to teach you, and the year stretched ahead like a ribbon of highway disappearing in the distance.  So how have we reached the end of our year so quickly?

You have been the most incredible group of students.  You have challenged and stretched Miss Julie and I more than we ever imagined.  We have learned so much from the twelve of you, much more than we ever expected! 

Your curious minds--Zander, Peter and Owen's questions at circle time about dinosaurs or meteors or carnivores!  Your abilities to grasp BIG ideas--Jack on religion, or Lucia on global awareness.  Your kindness and compassion for one another--Beau, Landon and Veronica, doing all you could to make Ava feel special before she moved away. Your enthusiasm for trying something new--Nathan and Franco, who embraced every learning activity and encouraged others to do them same.  Or your complete ability to live in the moment and fill the room with laughter and kindness--Emily and Ava!  All of your stories and questions and jokes and giggles have filled our room with so much fun and filled our hearts with wonderful memories.

All these lessons we hold dear in our hearts, as we say Goodbye and Thank you.  You all are amazing, bright, compassionate, curious, and wonderful children who will be a gift to your kindergarten teachers and beyond.  Thank you to your dear families for sharing you all with us this year, and know that we are better teachers today because of all of you!

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