Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reading To Your Children is a Win/Win!

Great minds are formed through reading.  Read to and with your children.

Okay, we all know this...our lives our hectic.  We are so busy juggling our commitments and checking our facebook pages that we are forgetting to take advantage of the simplest pleasure of being a parent...reading to our kids. Come on, fess up...when did you last read a story to your child? Last night?  Well if that's true then--CONGRATULATIONS!  But I'm guessing, not last night...or even the night before...or, well you get the picture.

So start tonight.  Or right now.  Sit down and read a book together.  Share a story.  Or start a chapter book, or dive into a series.  Share some snuggles.  Expand your child's vocabulary.  Bond.  This is the good stuff of parenting.  Don't deprive yourself of the good stuff because you are too busy!  No one should be too busy to sit down and read a book to a child.  And then, do it tomorrow night and the next night and on and on.  You will grow, your relationship will grow, your child will grow.  It's all good.  So no excuses.  Read a story to your child...and continue to build on that.  You will NEVER look back on that time as anything but precious.

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