Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to raise children in a violent world? Here are 20 ways...

There was a shooting in Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Paris, San Bernardino, Newtown and Columbine and Chicago and on and on and on.  The list is long.  And disturbing.  What are we to do? How do we raise children in this violent and frightening world?  The answers are simple.

Meet hatred with love.

Teach peace to our children.

Be hope for the hopeless.

Spread kindness.

Love and care for your family and community

Embrace goodness.

Turn your back on violence and violent messages and guard your children from them.

Count your blessings.

Be generous to others.


When you need it, ask others for help.

Get to know your neighbors.

Do something for someone else.

Create art that inspires peace.

Invest/Spend your money in socially responsible companies that don't see weapons or promote violence.

Reach out to your government leaders to enact common sense gun and weapon laws.

Pray and develop your spiritual life.

Stay off social media or only follow those who do not spew hatred.

Resolve to live a life of love, rather than be scared into a life of media promoted paranoia.

Be a solution by being a good human being.

We all can do something.  We all have our gifts and talents to share with the world.  Don't lose hope. Carry on and make it your mission to fight violence and chaos with LOVE and action--in whatever form you have it in you to offer up to our struggling world.

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