Thursday, February 11, 2016

This mom's actions made me so sad!

I was in Target today and as a preschool teacher, and empty nest mother of four, I tend to notice children.  Today as I was walking through an aisle, there was an adorable little girl who was joyfully asking her mother to come and see the "big robot!" that she had spied in another aisle.  I am guessing she was about three years old.  She was so excited about sharing what she saw with her mother, and her mother's reaction?  Well let's just say it made me so sad...

Her mother was engrossed in reading some tag on a novelty candle.  Even though the little girl asked repeatedly, the mother did not look at her, answer her, engage with her in anyway.  She was completely and 100% ignoring her child.  This was not a split second observation.  I continued to walk through the store and even from across the store I could still here the child sweetly pleading with the mom to come and see this incredibly exciting robot.

Could you imagine if, as a preschool teacher I did that to my students?  Could you imagine if I treated a friend that way?  What gives the parent the right to tune out the words of their child?  What gives a parent the right to disrespect this little life that they created by completely, 100% ignoring her?  Is the mom bored of being a mom?  Is the mom tired of her darling little girl?  

I understand parenting can be taxing.  I get that it can be exhausting and boring and repetitive.  But if you don't see your children as a blessing to your life.  If you can't give them your best self.  If you don't have the energy to think about someone else, and sacrifice for that someone else, and be devoted and caring and loving towards that someone else...don't become a parent.

Parenting requires maturity.  Parenting requires sacrifice.  Parenting is not easy.  Don't become a parent if you aren't committed to being a good one.
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