Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Childhood is a wonderful time.  It is a time of innocence and pretend play.  It is a time for imagination and creativity.  It is a time to feel safe and loved and cared for by your parents.  Don't selfishly sacrifice this wonderful time in your child's life because you want to see a movie.  Don't pretend that you are being "nice" to your child by including him/her in your movie outings that feature content that is not appropriate.  Don't let your child grow up too fast...because you don't monitor or limit his/her media exposure.  Allowing your child to swear and act like an edgy, rebellious teenager does not make YOU look cool.  This isn't about you...it is about your child.  Be an adult.  Be a parent.  Be a protector.  Protect your child from dark and inappropriate messages and content.

Childhood is precious.  Childhood is fleeting.  Childhood should be protected by a parent who is acting like a superhero...the responsible, caring, unselfish hero that cares about the impacts of his/her actions.

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