Friday, May 21, 2021

Early Clues in Childhood

 My daughter is graduating from Law School tomorrow.  I am a proud mama for many reasons. She had a successful and rewarding career going in Washington DC but she listened to her inner voice that was urging her to make a change. She uprooted herself from the life and friends and all the experiences she had amassed in her post college years to take a leap of faith and follow her intuition where it was leading her--to study law. 

Her courage and bravery to leave the familiar and jump in to the unknown fills me with pride. And while she was in law school, she not only studied but put herself out there--becoming President of the American Constitution Society on campus and organizing some incredible events, writing opinion pieces for the campus newspaper, and even winning a few different writing prizes during her short three years.

When she was a little girl, she loved all everything to do with history. She loved learning about the Presidents.  She asked Santa for poster of them in first grade!  Her passion for history and love of learning has carried her through these three years, and almost made them look easy!  Which I know they were not.

Tomorrow we are so thankful to go to the outdoor ceremony and watch her graduate in a field she always had a passion for.  She is ready to change the world as a fair minded and compassionate lawyer--and her mother couldn't be more proud to watch it happen!

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